Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Oh, I wasn't quite sure."

Kicking and screaming
In the ellipses of dreaming,
This life escapes
each breath, as it rapes the air
Scrapes the bare skin
Against the wool
Of the hidden wolf;
The world inside the ultimate truth
-Inside the wolf-
Barely narrates
The will of a million waves
Of slumber, utopian
Hypodermic antideluvian
Wintercrescent frosted homosapien
The birth of love
crimson retribution
inside the gash
within the whip
within the lash
the cat 'o nine pleasures
the Sodomine treasures
of this earth
wills a flock to spread
to shed their blurry coats
and become submissive wolves in mirth.

[(c) 2011 Aven Black / Aven Black Arts ]

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