Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wow. (Vol. Whatever)

I think my eyes and brain just melted and I became ten decibels dumber... South African (probably trying to be)Gossip Online Magazine, "Zalebs", quoted U2 as having a 'drinking problem' because of the bar backstage... shock! horror!! I need the last ten seconds of my life back plz!! Will people just write fucking ANYTHING these days and call it 'news'? :/

Local white male Kobus Viljoen arrested for alleged 'drinking' in back yard at a braai. Several kilos of (probably) sacraficial 'wors' was confiscated. We here at "Zalebs" news think that old Kobus was probably some sort of Satanist witchdoctor who slaughtered animals and roasted them on an open fire while getting drunk. Statistics say that these horrendous findings are on the rise in local areas, especially on Public Holidays!
The lightswitch might hurt you!!! D:

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