Monday, March 5, 2012

On Writer's Block I (Rolling Draconian Fear) - [Aven Black Arts (c) 2012]

clouds of imagination
rolling in over the tundra skies-
too much out there happening all the time
for anything to ever happen at all
the rains would hide,
the rains would fall;

if i was the earth i would be so heavy
as these rains would come and they would fall upon me,
thick and heavy and wet
i would be
forever rid

...forever dead.

Yet here i am,
blistering white light in the sparkling sky
reflecting million-folds through me as i fly
toward the earth toward the end,
the end where it will all begin all over again

all over again is where, it's when,
it's howcome, it's there, it's then

-there's always one in a crowd
who thinks beyond what his mind allows-

it's where this place,
where you and all your bretheren,
see me disappear from your oceans into space,
away from you and the world of your race,
to begin my journey
with my head in the clouds,
all over again

i begin my journey,
every time i end my life

but now these clouds of imagination,
keep rolling in through my lovely little mind
ready to burst forth in silent torrents:

draconian arrangements pluck their lyres in the golden sky
as wings spread, fall down and sweep up the child deep within;
the voice at the edge of the universe,
calling out to mankind over the white sickle sun,
the very last plea
from the one

...known as god, known as This.

Who tells You
"Fear not, for fear does not exist."

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